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Claim compensation for slipping on a wet floor in a clothes shop

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Question: I was shopping in NEXT when I slipped on a wet floor that had just been cleaned. How do I make a compensation claim?

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There are a number of things you can do to gather evidence for your claim. You should ensure that the slipping accident is reported to staff at the clothes shop and recorded in the accident book. If you managed to photograph the area the accident happened in and the position of any warning signs, or take down the names and telephone numbers of any witnesses, then you can use this information to provide evidence to support your case.

You should also ensure you have your injuries looked at by a doctor, even if you are given first aid by staff at NEXT. This will help to prove the extent of your injuries and ensure you receive the prompt treatment you need to recover. All businesses have a duty of care towards their employees, and this requires them to ensure cleaning operations are conducted in a safe way. When people slip on wet floors in clothes shops, this indicates that the clothes shop has been negligent in its duty of care towards the public, and can leave it open to clothes store accident compensation claims.

You may be offered a small sum of money or some gift vouchers after your NEXT clothes store slipping accident, but you should not accept this until you have discussed your case with personal injury solicitors, as the value of your claim could be significantly more than the value of this unsolicited offer. If NEXT was to blame for the slipping accident, then you should be able to recover your financial losses and receive compensation for your pain and suffering.

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