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Public Liability Claims

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When someone is injured in an accident on public property or due to the negligence of a company, they can make a public liability compensation claim. The area that the accident happened on could be one maintained by a local authority, such as the street or a park, or could be a privately-owned location that is open to the public, such as fitness centers, gyms, retailers and transport stations. The operators of these areas have a duty of care towards the public and must ensure that foreseeable accidents do not occur on their premises. They must also have public liability insurance, which should protect them if their failings cause someone to be injured in their premises. There are a huge number of different organisations and individuals that are obliged to cover themselves in the event of a member of the public sustaining an injury, including inflatable hire firms, fairground operators, care homes and even some private landlords. Because public liability claims can arise in such a wide number of locations, they take a huge number of forms. While the majority are slips, trips and falls, our public liability solicitors also regularly see burns, electrocutions, exposure to hazardous substances and a huge range of other accidents and injuries. Employees can also be covered by insurance, so if contractors or staff members act in a negligent way and this causes a member of the public to suffer an injury, this can result in public liability compensation cases.

Public Liability Compensation

Because insurance companies deal with public liability claims, claimants need to use experienced solicitors if they are to receive all the money they are entitled to. If you have suffered a personal injury in an accident that was not your fault, and want to make a public liability compensation claim, you should be able to recover all your losses, including lost wages and medical bills, as well as any other losses you have faced. You will also be recompensed for your pain and suffering. If the accident was partially your fault, you still may be able to make a claim, but its overall value could be reduced. Talk to us for free advice to find out the facts about your case and whether or not you are eligible to make a claim.

Public Liability Solicitors

The team at Clearwater Solicitors have handled a huge range of public liability claims and have the skills and experience you need to succeed in your case and receive all the money you are entitled to. Our public liability solicitors have dealt with all sorts of injuries that were sustained in a vast array of different accidents, so if you speak to us, we can put you in touch with a legal expert who has a lot of experience in cases just like yours. To get started or for more information, then just call us today on 08000 430 430 or fill in our online enquiry form to request a call back. We’re waiting to hear from you!

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