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Medical Negligence Compensation Claims

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If you have been affected by medical negligence, then you have the right to be compensated for any personal injuries you sustained. Receiving all the money you deserve in a medical negligence claim can be a confusing and difficult process, but if you contact Clearwater Solicitors, we will be able to value your claim and give you the best possible chance of success. To make a medical negligence compensation claim, the following criteria must be met: – Negligence You must be able to show that you were the victim of negligence. This doesn’t simply mean that a healthcare worker made a mistake or that an error occurred – it must be shown that the mistake was negligent and could have been foreseen and avoided by a competent practitioner. – Causation You must also be able to show that you suffered a personal injury as a direct result of the negligence. In some cases, this is straightforward, whereas in other claims, proving the injury was caused by negligence can be very difficult. You should use medical negligence solicitors to take all the hassle out of proving negligence and causation.

Medical Negligence Compensation

Our medical negligence solicitors can also help you find out the value of your claim. You won’t just be compensated for your physical injuries – you can also receive compensation for your losses, such as medical bills, transport costs and lost wages. You should retain evidence and documentation about your medical negligence compensation claim, such as receipts, correspondence with the negligent healthcare provider, evidence of your injuries and wage slips. This can help your legal team calculate your overall losses and come up with a reasonable claim that ensures you do not miss out on a penny. Healthcare providers must have insurance to operate in the UK, so you do not have to worry about making a medical negligence compensation claim. However, it is worth remembering that your case will be handled by insurers, who will try to minimise your overall settlement. This means you will need assistance if you are to receive all the money you deserve.

Medical Negligence Solicitors

You have to make your claim within three years of the date you first realised you suffered a personal injury, but it is always best to start a claim as soon as possible. The team at Clearwater Solicitors are ready to help you out today, providing clear, honest legal advice so you can decide which actions to take. We specialise in all kinds of medical negligence claims, from hospital claims to GP claims, and from plastic surgery gone wrong to midwife claims, which have ranged from minor personal injuries to devastating consequences and fatal accident claims. As a result, we can put you in touch with medical negligence solicitors that have dealt with cases just like yours, so you can benefit from the help of skilled, experienced legal experts.

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