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Professional Negligence

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What Is Professional Negligence?

Professionals have a higher duty of care in how they behave towards and look after their clients. That means that a client has the right to expect that a professional that they engage will behave appropriately, and work to protect their interests.

If a client feels that a professional is not upholding the standards generally held by those of the same profession, especially if that failure leads to meaningful loss on their part, they can make a claim of professional negligence to address it.

Who Uses Solicitors in Professional Negligence Disputes?

Almost everyone. Clients and injured parties seek out solicitors to investigate their cases fully and present them coherently to the courts and various regulatory agencies. Professionals of all kinds (especially other solicitors) seek out the help and advice of solicitors to defend them against such claims, or even to handle the settlement of claims they do not wish to dispute in a fair, professional and less damaging manner.

Why You Should Use a Solicitor for Your Professional Negligence Issues

Professional negligence disputes are often extremely complex matters involving the testimony of other professionals in the field and experts of various kinds. They are often hotly contested, and no matter what part you may take in the dispute, the ‘other side’ will almost certainly be employing one or more solicitors to clearly establish their position in the matter to the court or agency involved. Failure to present your case just as thoroughly is a recipe for disaster!

If you are involved in a professional negligence dispute, as the injured party or as the defendant, please contact us straight away so that we can make certain you present your position completely and in full accordance with the standards of the forum involved!

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