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Fatal Accidents

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When a loved one dies and leaves dependants, the emotional devastation caused by their death can be amplified by the financial difficulties their family members face. People can lose their home, car and all their assets following a loved one’s death. If the death followed an accident that was someone else’s fault, dependants may be able to make a fatal accident claim. Fatal accident claim solicitors see a huge range of different cases, from medical negligence claims to accidents at work. It is important to use the services of specialist legal experts who are experienced in fatal accident compensation claims, as making a claim can be a complicated and confusing process, made all the worse by the emotional turmoil frequently experienced by claimants.

Fatal Accident Claim

There are two aspects involved in fatal accident compensation: Victim’s claim The victim’s claim will depend on the pain and suffering the deceased experienced as a result of someone else’s negligence, as well as any financial losses they incurred between the date of the accident and the date of their death. If they died instantly, claimants may not be able to make a victim’s claim. Dependents’ claim The dependents’ claim is based on the deceased’s income and allows their dependents to receive continued support into the future. Dependent fatal accident compensation can be given to grandchildren, children, parents, grandparents and spouses of the victim. Statutory Bereavement Award This aspect of a fatal accident claim is based on statutory sums and can be paid to the deceased’s family. TAs of April 1st 2013, the Statutory Bereavement Award are currently ¬£12,980.

Fatal Accident Compensation

While no amount of compensation will never help you recover from the loss of a loved one due to someone else’s negligence, it should help you to avoid suffering from serious financial problems and can help you to understand the factors that led to the accident.¬†Fatal accident claim solicitors regularly deal with cases in which nobody committed a criminal act or will be prosecuted, and compensation can be the only way that the deceased’s loved ones can receive some form of justice. Most fatal accident cases are settled out-of-court, but calculating the value of someone’s case can be a complicated process. It can be impossible for claimants receive all the money they deserve without using professional solicitors.

Fatal Accident Claim Solicitors

We at Clearwater Solicitors have helped dependants receive compensation for fatal accidents involving loved ones, giving them the sympathetic and supported help they need during this difficult time and providing the best possible legal representation. We can calculate the value of your claim and give you the best possible chance of winning every penny you are entitled to. To get started or to receive free professional advice, get in touch with us today by calling 08000 430 430. You can also speak to us by filling in our online enquiry form, and we will get back in touch with you as soon as possible.

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