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Commercial Contract Disputes

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What Are Commercial Contract Disputes?

Most businesses will experience at least one commercial contract dispute at some point in their history. Most stem from the various parties to a contract having different goals, and desiring an issue to be handled in different ways.

The actual disputes might involve anything from breach of contract, denial of liability, claims of negligence to personal injury or even misappropriation or defaulted debts. They can be handled by ADR, mediation, negotiation or out of court settlement, with actual litigation usually withheld as a last resort.

Who Uses Solicitors in Commercial Contract Disputes?

Any party to a commercial contract might have disputes as to how it is being carried out, and whether all parties are behaving as agreed. Businesses, customers, contractors and people of all kinds call upon us to help them with such disputes.

Why You Should Use a Solicitor to Settle Your Commercial Contract Disputes

As they can have a huge impact on a company’s day-to-day business and on its relationship with its partners, clients and suppliers, it is vital that commercial contract disputed be handled quickly and professionally. This makes working relationships less likely to become hostile. Only a trained solicitor can deliver results like that on a consistent basis.

Any legal action is serious, but the added threat to the reputation of your business and to your ongoing relationships makes it vital that you involve a solicitor in any serious commercial contract dispute very early in the process. If you think such a dispute is developing, call us today.

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