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Commercial Conveyancing

At Clearwater Solicitors we have a commercial approach to deal effectively with your property transactions, providing sound legal advice from sole traders, SME’s to businesses across a broad range of industries. Our devoted commercially minded Solicitors are on hand available to discuss and advise you on your next profitable investment. Whether your dream was to be a sole trader and own the business or run a Company that owns a number of assets we can help assist in building your vision. Our client’s interests are at the forefront in reaching your ultimate goal keeping in line with realistic costs and providing clear and pragmatic advice.

Our specialist services include-:

  • Grant of a New lease – We can act on behalf of a Landlord or Tenant
  • Sales and Purchase of different types of commercial premises
  • Office Buildings, Blocks of flats
  • Off License, Mini Market
  • Petrol Forecourts
  • Franchises
  • Takeaways/Restaurants
  • Business Premises
  • Pubs
  • Transfer of assets and assignment of Lease
  • Bridging Loans
  • Licensing applications as part of your conveyancing transaction.

Our fees start from £800 plus VAT (excluding disbursements) and will be dealt with by a qualified solicitor only who will be assisted by other members of staff.   Please feel free to contact a member of our team today to discuss your business needs.

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Civil litigation is a legal method used to resolve disputes between individuals or companies. Legal litigation teams can provide the support you need to keep in control of your costs and avoid unnecessary complications, ensuring you resolve your dispute as quickly as possible. This may mean court action or it may be resolved using mediation or arbitration.

Areas of Civil Litigation

Although seemingly a niche area of law, civil litigation can in fact cover a huge variety of disputes from across a huge number of sectors. Common disputes resolved by civil litigation lawyers include:  

  • Conflicts between you and your landlord
  • Boundary and property disagreements between neighbours
  • Conflicts with and between retailers, suppliers and other service providers
  • Issues with contracts, employment or otherwise
  • Claims conflicts on the estate of someone who has passed away
  • Professional negligence, including medical negligence and employer negligence
  • Debt repayment problems

  One of the most popular areas of civil litigation are contractual disputes, which can occur in any sector of society or industry and can cover consumer disputes, debt recovery and business contract breaches. If dispute resolution fails, civil litigation can be used to help victims take action to protect themselves against any liability.   Call Clearwater Solicitors today on 08000 430 430 to discuss your civil litigation case and find out how we could help you.

Our fees would be dependent on the complexity of the case in which case we would advise you on either a fixed fee or an hourly rate and your matter will only be dealt with by a qualified Solicitor who will be assisted by other members of staff.

Commercial contract disputes

What Are Commercial Contract Disputes?

Most businesses will experience at least one commercial contract dispute at some point in their history. Most stem from the various parties to a contract having different goals, and desiring an issue to be handled in different ways.

The actual disputes might involve anything from breach of contract, denial of liability, claims of negligence to personal injury or even misappropriation or defaulted debts. They can be handled by ADR, mediation, negotiation or out of court settlement, with actual litigation usually withheld as a last resort.

Who Uses Solicitors in Commercial Contract Disputes?

Any party to a commercial contract might have disputes as to how it is being carried out, and whether all parties are behaving as agreed. Businesses, customers, contractors and people of all kinds call upon us to help them with such disputes.

Why You Should Use a Solicitor to Settle Your Commercial Contract Disputes

As they can have a huge impact on a company’s day-to-day business and on its relationship with its partners, clients and suppliers, it is vital that commercial contract disputed be handled quickly and professionally. This makes working relationships less likely to become hostile. Only a trained solicitor can deliver results like that on a consistent basis.

Any legal action is serious, but the added threat to the reputation of your business and to your ongoing relationships makes it vital that you involve a solicitor in any serious commercial contract dispute very early in the process. If you think such a dispute is developing, call us today.

Our fees are dependent on the complexity of the case.  We would advise you on either a fixed fee or hourly rate.  In addition, your matter will be dealt with by a qualified solicitor who will be assisted by other members of staff.