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Every year, thousands of people suffer personal injuries accidents at work in the UK, and dozens of people die. Employers have a legal and moral responsibility to ensure that their workplace is safe and to protect the health and safety of their employers, and if your employer has failed in this duty and this has caused you to suffer a personal injury, you can make an injury at work claim. Accident at work compensation claims take a wide variety of forms, from trips and slips caused by sticky floors and manual handing injuries, to falls from height and amputations or burns in heavy machinery. There are regulations and systems in place to prevent these accidents from occurring, but employers can be negligent in these duties and put their staff at risk. Some of the ways employers can prevent injury at work claims include: – Providing personal protective equipment, such as respiration equipment, helmets, gloves and high-visibility clothing – Train employees in safe working practices – Maintain good housekeeping to prevent trips and slips – Put safe systems of work in place – Keep machinery well-maintained to prevent accident at work claims Our work accident claims solicitors regularly deal with cases that have seen employers fail in all these regards. While employees have some responsibility to take care of their own wellbeing, if employers are partially negligent and this leads to an injury, they can be liable in accident at work claims.

Work Accident Compensation Claim Guide

If you have suffered an injury in the workplace that was caused by the negligence of your employer, then you can make an accident at work compensation claim. Work accident claims take a variety of forms, these include: There are a huge range of forms injury at work claims take – these include: – Exposure to hazardous substances – Mental and psychological health problems – Broken bones and fractures caused by slips and trips – Burns and electric shocks – Wounds caused by sharps injuries – Infections – Vibration injuries and HAVS – Amputations – Spinal and back injuries The value of accident at work claims involves consideration of the pain and suffering experienced by the claimant, as well as any other losses they have faced. This means you should be able to recover your lost wages, your medical expenses and any other costs you have incurred through your accident at work compensation case. You should keep hold of receipts for any expenses, as well as medical correspondence and any documentation that relates to your losses, as this can support your injury at work claim. Ensure that the incident is recorded in your workplace’s accident book, and speak to work accident claims solicitors to make a claim for compensation. Our accident at work solicitors have helped hundreds of people in their workplace accident compensation claims and our personalized and transparent legal services can help you receive the cash you need following a personal injury. Just get in touch at 08000 430 430 begin to start your inquiry.


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