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Criminal Injury Compensation

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If you have suffered injuries as a result of a crime, you might not know that you have the right to claim criminal injury compensation. Your compensation claim will be paid through the criminal injuries compensation Authority, which is a government-funded scheme that was set up to recompense victims of crime and support them in their recovery. Suffering injuries in a crime are horrific, and the long-term impact of this can be devastating.  Not only do victims have to deal with their injuries and any associated treatment, they also have to deal with the fear caused by being a victim of crime and related psychological and emotional problems. Criminal injury claims can help people to deal with this, allowing them to recover losses they faced as a result of the crime and receive compensation for the violent crime, and a criminal injury claim solicitor can help you maximise the size of your final payout. Unlike other personal injury claims, legal costs will not be payable in your settlement.

There are a number of criteria your injuries must meet in order for you to be able to make criminal injuries claims:

  • You must have been the victim of a crime
  • You must have reported this crime to the police
  • This crime must have happened in Great Britain
  • You must have suffered injuries as a direct result of the crime
  • Injuries do not have to be physical
  • Psychological trauma and diseases can also form part of criminal injury claims.

Your injuries must have led to demonstrable medical harm, so you should visit a hospital or GP and have your damages recorded. Find out what your long-term prognosis is and begin any treatment as soon as possible, as this will help you reduce your losses and could increase the size of your claim.  

You must make your criminal injury compensation claim within two years of the date of the injury. All claims are worth more than £1,000, so very minor personal injuries will not be claimable. You should be able to recover any lost earnings and other losses, although there are caps in place for these special damages. Your criminal injury compensation claim could be reduced if you are deemed to be somewhat responsible for the crime or your injuries, such as if you initiated the assault or if you failed to comply with the police. However, it does not matter whether or not anyone was arrested for the crime or if investigations are still ongoing – you will still be able to make criminal injury compensation claims. The criminal Injuries compensation Authority is supposed to be a last resort – if you can make a claim against your employer or the criminal responsible for your damages, then you should do so. Speak to our team for more advice.

Criminal Injury Claims Solicitor

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