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Clearwater | Personal Injury Lawyers : Building Your Case

If you have decided to make a compensation claim following a personal injury then you may be wondering where to start in terms of building a strong case to prove you deserve compensation. Manchester personal injury solicitors will have extensive experience in making sure that their clients have all the supporting evidence they need in order to build a successful compensation claim. However, there are some things that you can do yourself to make you chances of success even higher, and prove that you are a truthful, honorable and responsible individual who has become a victim of the negligent behavior of others. Inform the Relevant Authorities One of the first […]

UK Personal Injury claims lawyers: Choosing the Right lawyer

If you have been the victim of a personal injury that was not your fault then you may wish to make a personal injury compensation claim. Compensation claims can be made by victims of any background or age, no matter what their type of accident or injury, and will often mean the difference between a successful recovery and life-changing injuries. For many people, the compensation gained can ensure that they are able to seek the medical care and time away from work they need to recover, rather than allowing their injuries negatively effect their financial situation and health in the long term. In order to gain this compensation it is […]

Personal Injury Claims: Choosing a Personal Injury Solicitor

When you become the victim of an accident it is likely that you’ll want to make a personal injury compensation claim. Available for victims of any aged and background, compensation claims can be used to cover financial expenses incurred following an accident, as well as to compensate for pain and injury caused, and even for loss of earnings as a result of the incident. Due to the large sums of money that are tied to the success of such personal injury compensation claims, it’s natural for claimants to seek the best legal service possible when selecting their representative. However, the appropriate choice can vary based on the nature of the […]

Personal Injury Compensation Claims: What is a Cash Advance?

If you’ve had an accident or suffered an injury and it wasn’t your fault then you could be entitled to claim personal injury compensation. With the help of professional personal injury claims lawyers such as Cash Advance Solicitors, you could claim thousands of pounds to help you live with emotional or physical pain suffered following the incident or to compensate you for the pain you suffered at the time. Using their experience and expertise, your chosen solicitors are likely to secure you the claim you deserve, but sometimes the court process can take time and leave you out of pocket.  The Benefits of a Cash Advance  This doesn’t have to […]

Personal Injury Frequently Asked Questions

Summary In essence, personal injury is a vast topic that covers various aspects to convey the right message to the targeted audiences globally. If you are willing to know something special about personal injury, please feel free to read various frequently asked questions about personal injury.     Question 1: How do victims/injured parties settle on how much money they are entitled to in consequence of the accident, mishap or tragedy?   Answer: The personal injury solicitors determine the exact compensation amounts by evaluating various important factors like loss of salaries, damages, emotional distress, medical expenses, loss of consortium, periods of disability and mutilation, etc.   Question 2: What are […]

Do I have a Personal Injury Case?

  Contrary to popular belief, solicitors do not pursue every claim of personal injury and in fact, there are certain criteria that need to be present in order for a legitimate solicitor to even consider helping you make a claim. Answering the question: Do I Have a Personal Injury Case? Being involved in a car accident, an accident at work, or a slip or fall in a public place can have devastating effects, yet it is important to know whether or not you can actually make a claim for compensation, before you head off to your nearest legal firm. In the majority of circumstances, there are four essential criteria that […]

When a Business can be Sued for Personal Injury

  Whatever the size of your business, personal injury will always be something to consider. Whether this is an actual pay-out due to an accident on your premises, or injuries sustained by an employee at work; or continual payments towards insurance: the financial implications of personal injury are always there. When a business can be sued for personal injury: Duty of care From the moment you invite people onto the premises of your business, or sell goods to consumers, you are liable for a number of things. As the owner, you have a duty of care to your customers which involves ensuring the premises is safe to enter. This could […]

James Dyson Award Winner Could hold Key to Preventing Needlestick injuries

Inventors in Belgium may have found a way in which to avoid needlestick injuries in the future by creating a device for accurately administering vaccinations. The Vax ID is just one of the many ingenious university student inventions that has been awarded this year’s James Dyson Award and is an implement that is set to change the way in which vaccinations are delivered for ever. The Vax ID’s design is such that it can help medical staff insert the vaccination at exactly the right depth into the correct subcutaneous layer. What makes it even more exciting is the retractable needle, which once used, withdraws into the interior, and cannot be […]

The History of Compensation Claims

Compensation is by no means a new thing and delving into the past of personal injury claims throws up some pretty spectacular and downright silly attempts to pursue compensation. What makes some of them even more bizarre is that a portion of them were actually accepted and compensation awarded! Origins of a Compensation Culture Many people are quick to blame our friends in the USA for the growing compensation culture over here in the UK, but evidence of claims dating back as far as the 19th century should be enough to dispel that myth. Insurance companies have been around in one form or another for hundreds of years and are quite […]

Why Make a Personal Injury Compensation Claim?

Now this may seem like a rather ridiculous question, with quite a simple answer, but really why should anyone make a claim for compensation? We British are renowned for our stiff upper lip mentality, for dusting ourselves off after a fall to continue our day with a cheery smile only to perhaps regale guests with details of the comical incident at the next dinner party. However, it is time for all this nonsense to stop (in my humble opinion). How many times can we trip on raised paving or slip on spilt milk in our local supermarket (mop and medic required in aisle 9)? O.K, perhaps these aren’t everyday occurrences, […]