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How Much Can I Claim For Spleen Injury

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Damage to the spleen can be very serious and can lead to extensive complications. While it is possible to remove the spleen without endangering life, the loss of the spleen can lead to potentially fatal blood clots, neutrophilia, a reduced susceptibility to vaccinations and an increased susceptibility to dangerous infections such as pneumonia.

Splenic rupture can require spleen removal. The spleen can be ruptured by abdominal trauma, such as after a motor vehicle accident, in sports accidents, or after criminal injuries such as assaults. In some cases, a damaged spleen does not have to be removed, but patients need to be monitored carefully. Spleen injuries do not necessarily occur in accidents – diseases can also cause splenic disease – but if the injury was someone else’s fault, the injured party can claim for compensation.

You may find you are unable to continue in your day-to-day life as a result of a spleen injury, or that long recovery times lead to extensive lost wages and medical expenses. You could find you are more susceptible to other illnesses and diseases because of your personal injuries, and that your long-term prognosis points towards additional surgery and other health problems.

Spleen injuries can also lead to sepsis and infections, and can lead to anxiety and psychological problems. All these factors will be considered when determining the value of a spleen injury compensation claim.

As a result, you should speak to personal injury solicitors about your spleen injury claim. The team at Clearwater Solicitors have handled a huge number of spleen injury claims and can help you succeed in your case.

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