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Motorcycle Accidents

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Motorcycle accident claims are all-too-common. Despite the fact that motorbikes represent only around 1% of road traffic, they account for 19% of all deaths in road accidents, with motorcyclists 75 times more likely to be seriously killed or injured than car drivers. But statistics show that the majority of these accidents are not the motorcyclist’s fault, and when this is the case, the victim can claim motorcycle accident compensation. Other drivers can find themselves liable in motorcycle accident claims if they:

– Fail to check wing mirrors when turning or merging
– Fail to leave adequate distance between other road users
– Park in dangerous locations
– Fail to pay attention to other road users

Motorcyclists can also limit their likelihood of suffering serious personal injuries while on the road by:

– Wearing the right equipment
– Choosing the right helmet
– Wearing a bike they can control
– Choosing a safe road position
– Remaining alert and responsive

Motorcycle Accident Claims

You can improve your likelihood of succeeding in a motorcycle accident compensation claim by understanding your rights with the help of a motorcycle accident claim solicitor. Do not admit liability or apologise for the accident – simply call the police and ambulance, exchange your insurance details with the other party, and speak to solicitors about making a claim. The size of your compensation payment will depend on a number of different factors. These include damage to your bike, your physical injuries, whether you took any time off work, your long-term prognosis and any psychological trauma you faced. If you are deemed to be somewhat responsible for the accident, this ‘contributory negligence’ will see the size of your motorcycle accident compensation settlement fall.

Making a claim as quickly as possible can speed up recovery times and ensure you can pay for rehabilitation or any alterations to your home while you need them.

Motorcycle Accident Claim Solicitors

Your claim will be paid out by an insurance company, and if you want to receive all the money you deserve, you will need the help of motorcycle accident claim solicitors. This will ensure you remain fully informed about the progression of your claim and receive every penny you are entitled to. You will want to use skilled, experienced legal experts who have handled claims like yours. Car accident claims are completely different to motorcycle accident compensation cases, and claimants can face a huge range of problems and difficulties as a result of the incident.

To speak to experts about your claim, or to find out how much your case is worth, then get in touch with our professional team today. We have handled all kinds of motorcycle accident cases that have involved a huge array of personal injuries, making us well-placed to help you out. Call us on 08000 430 430 or fill in our online enquiry form to get in touch!

Case Studies

Client receives £4000.00 after successfully winning Motorcycle Accident Claim. read more>>

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