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Man awarded £55,000 compensation after a fall at work

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A man suffered severe injuries including a ruptured spleen, after falling backwards through a ceiling hatch has been awarded more than £50,000 in compensation.

The man fell seven feet onto the concrete floor whilst working at a fish and chip shop- he was putting stock into an overhead storage room. His colleagues said that he was lucky to have not sustained life threatening injuries due to his accident, when he fell through the ceiling hatch there was no support rails or grab handles to prevent the accident from occurring.

When the man was found by one of his colleagues, he was laid on the floor struggling to breathe and unable to move. The emergency services were called straight away and he was rushed to hospital by ambulance. Whilst at the hospital, as he was getting dressed after being x-rayed, he lost conciseness, later that day he was told that he had a ruptured spleen and was suffering from internal bleeding.

The man had to have an operation to have his spleen removed as a result of his accident. He had his lungs drained of excess fluid and received forty stitches to his abdomen. The man was then informed that he had cracked some ribs, punched his lung and damaged his right shoulder. The man was also told that these injuries that would leave him on antibiotics for the rest of his life.

Due to the man’s employers failure to ensure that their premises was safe to work in, this man now has to live with anxiety, excessive tiredness and restricted mobility.

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