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Archive: Oct 2014

Do I have a Personal Injury Case?

  Contrary to popular belief, solicitors do not pursue every claim of personal injury and in fact, there are certain criteria that need to be present in order for a legitimate solicitor to even consider helping you make a claim. Answering the question: Do I Have a Personal Injury Case? Being involved in a car accident, an accident at work, or a slip or fall in a public place can have devastating effects, yet it is important to know whether or not you can actually make a claim for compensation, before you head off to your nearest legal firm. In the majority of circumstances, there are four essential criteria that […]

When a Business can be Sued for Personal Injury

  Whatever the size of your business, personal injury will always be something to consider. Whether this is an actual pay-out due to an accident on your premises, or injuries sustained by an employee at work; or continual payments towards insurance: the financial implications of personal injury are always there. When a business can be sued for personal injury: Duty of care From the moment you invite people onto the premises of your business, or sell goods to consumers, you are liable for a number of things. As the owner, you have a duty of care to your customers which involves ensuring the premises is safe to enter. This could […]

James Dyson Award Winner Could hold Key to Preventing Needlestick injuries

Inventors in Belgium may have found a way in which to avoid needlestick injuries in the future by creating a device for accurately administering vaccinations. The Vax ID is just one of the many ingenious university student inventions that has been awarded this year’s James Dyson Award and is an implement that is set to change the way in which vaccinations are delivered for ever. The Vax ID’s design is such that it can help medical staff insert the vaccination at exactly the right depth into the correct subcutaneous layer. What makes it even more exciting is the retractable needle, which once used, withdraws into the interior, and cannot be […]