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Claiming compensation after being cut by broken glass in a shop

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Question: I was shopping in Tesco when I cut my hand on a display. I required stitches. Can I claim compensation for my injuries?

Answer : It sounds like you have a good case and should be able to make a compensation claim. There is no reason for you to have cut your hands on a display and it sounds like Tesco failed in its duty of care towards its customers and employees by allowing one of its displays to have become broken, by failing to have repaired the problem quickly and by failing to ensure people do not touch the broken display.

As you received medical attention and had stitches in your hand injury, you will be able to demonstrate through your medical records that you suffered the injuries. Receiving medical treatment in-store and failing to see a doctor will likely make it difficult to prove your injuries.

You must ensure you tell staff at Tesco about your injury and ensure they keep a record of the incident by recording it in the accident book. In some cases, companies can be reluctant to provide this report in a compensation claim, so you should ask for a copy of this report as soon as possible.

The supermarket’s insurers may approach you to make an unsolicited compensation offer, but you are not just entitled to receive compensation for your pain and suffering – you can also claim for your loss of amenity, and recover any expenses and financial losses you faced that were a result of the injury. This initial offer will likely be less than the amount of money you could receive if you spoke with personal injury solicitors, so you should get in touch with Clearwater Solicitors as soon as possible so we can gather evidence and help you throughout your case. We can give you the clear and professional legal advice you need to win your case and recover all the money you are entitled to.

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