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Car Crashes Abroad

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If you’ve been in a motor vehicle accident that wasn’t your fault, you can claim compensation, and this applies to car crashes abroad as well as in the UK. Dozens of problems can be caused by a car crash abroad – holiday plans can be scuppered, people can sustain serious personal injuries, and dealing with the consequences of a car crash and getting back home can be very difficult.

Recent legislative changes have made it easy for people to claim car accident compensation following accidents in any country in the EU. However, our legal team can still help you make a claim for accidents that happen in other countries – just speak to us for free legal advice.

Following a car crash abroad, our personal injury solicitors advise you to:

  • Seek medical attention if anyone is injured.
  • Call the police.
  • Gather information about the other driver, including their name, insurance details and vehicle registration number. If you cannot communicate with the other driver, the police may be able to help you.
  • Collect the details of any witnesses.
  • Collect evidence, such as by taking photographs of any damage and any factors that led to the car accident, such as road conditions
  • Keep any receipts that relate to the motor vehicle accident, including travel costs, vehicle repair costs and medical expenses
  • Speak to Clearwater Solicitors

Our legal team have helped countless people claim compensation for car accidents abroad, so if you have been in an accident that wasn’t your fault, speak to us today.  Car crashed abroad can be very complicated and you will need the expert help of our skilled legal team to claim compensation. Why not start your compensation claim today? Just call us on 08000 430 430, or fill in our online enquiry form to request a call back.

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