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Nursing Negligence Compensation Claim

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Nursing negligence refers to occasions in which the standard of care patients receive from nurses falls well below the standards expected. However, if you believe your care was unsatisfactory, this is not necessarily enough for you to succeed in a clinical negligence claim. You must be able to show that substandard care you received from a nurse led to you suffering from a personal injury, and that this injury would not have occurred had you been treated by a competent nurse.

As a result, it is helpful to speak to medical negligence solicitors if you want to make a nursing negligence compensation claim. Even if you did not suffer a personal injury as a result of the negligence, solicitors will be able to advise you about where to make a complaint.

Common types of nursing negligence

Nursing negligence takes a variety of forms, but there are some issues that are frequently seen in medical negligence compensation claims.

Failure to follow a doctor’s instructions

When nurses fail to follow a doctor’s instructions or fail to act in adherence to these instructions, patients can suffer personal injuries. Although nurses are overworked and can be fatigued, and it is understandable that they will occasionally make mistakes, medical negligence compensation claims can be made when people suffer a personal injury due to these mistakes.

Failing to record important information

Nurses are tasked with recording important information in patient’s medical records. This could be that a patient is to only consume liquids, or details about a person’s medical history, such as the medicines they are prescribed or the illnesses they have. When nurses fail to do this, patients can suffer from adverse health effects, and can make a clinical negligence claim.

Failing to monitor patients

Nurses should regularly monitor their patients’ condition and act appropriately if a patient appears to be suffering from adverse health effects. Prompt responses can prevent a patient’s condition from worsening, while negligent delays can cause serious complications to occur.

Medication errors

Medication errors are not always due to nursing negligence – pharmacists, doctors and even drugs manufacturers can be responsible for personal injuries caused by the incorrect administration of medicines. Some medication errors are completely avoidable and can lead to devastating consequences.

Failing to seek consultants or expert advice

When patients’ conditions begin to worsen, nurses may be able to administer treatments that can alleviate these problems and treat the patient. However, in some cases, nurses should seek the opinions of consultants or doctors.

Equipment errors

Nursing negligence compensation claims frequently involve equipment errors. Nurses use a wide variety of tools in their jobs, including hoists, sharps and sterilised tools, and when these tools are used inappropriately, patients can suffer from personal injuries, such as strains, bedsores, infections and wounds.

Where do nursing negligence compensation claims arise?

Nursing negligence does not just occur in hospitals. Nurses are hired in a huge range of healthcare settings, including care homes, GPs surgeries, residential homes and private facilities. Some nursing negligence claims are made against the NHS Litigation Authority, while others are made against private indemnity providers or GP’s insurers.

Nurses are obliged to have insurance policies to cover them in the event of clinical negligence claims, and these companies pay out claimant’s compensation. This means if you have been the victim of nursing negligence, you don’t have to worry that you will cost the negligent nurse a fortune. However, it also means that you should consider hiring personal injury solicitors to help you out in your claim. Insurers will offer you a compensation settlement that can leave you out-of-pocket, but solicitors can help you calculate the overall value of your compensation claim effectively and give you the best possible chance of success should your case come to court.

Hiring medical solicitors for nursing negligence

If you have been the victim of nursing negligence, it is important to hire solicitors who are experienced in compensation claims just like yours. Medical negligence is a difficult and confusing field and claimants will need the help of experienced solicitors to succeed in their claim.

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