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Victims of Murder

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If the death of your loved one has been recorded as an unlawful killing at a Coroner’s Inquest, you may be eligible to make a compensation claim with the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA).

This means that the police do not have to have made any arrests or charged anyone in connection with the death of your loved one, and the compensation claim will not be made against the perpetrators but will be paid for through CICA.

You will be eligible to claim for compensation if the deceased was your parent or child or was accepted as such, was your legal spouse, if you are a former spouse who was receiving financial support from the deceased or if you are a partner who had been living with the deceased for at least two years.

Compensation following unlawful killings

CICA was set up to compensate the victims of violent crime and can provide you with fatal injury compensation in cases involving murder or manslaughter. It can also cover the losses faced by dependents.

You will also be eligible to receive the statutory bereavement award, which will provide £11,000 in cases involving one claimant and £5,000 to each claimant in cases involving more than one.

In cases of death by dangerous driving, the compensation case will be made against the driver’s insurance company or the Motor Insurers’ Bureau.

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