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Claiming compensation after being hit by a falling item in a health and beauty store

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Question: I was shopping in a health and beauty store when I was hit by a falling glass bottle, which shattered on my head and left me with painful cuts and wounds. Can I make a compensation claim?

Answer: You should be able to make a compensation claim after being hit by a falling item in a health and beauty store, pharmacist, perfume store or, indeed, any other retailer. The dangers posed by falling stock are very serious, and people can sustain devastating injuries with lasting consequences when they are struck by bottles and other items.

This means if you were hit by a falling item in Boots, Holland and Barrett, Superdrug, The Perfume Store, the BodyShop or any other health and beauty storre, you may be able to make a compensation claim. All retailers have a duty of care towards their staff and employees, and must do all they can to ensure avoidable accidents do not occur in their premises. When they are negligent in this duty of care, they can find themselves liable in personal injury claims.

Shelves must therefore be stacked in a way that ensures falling items do not pose a risk to people within the store and that items can be removed from shelves without causing other objects to fall. Risk assessments, management systems and effective staff training can help companies acheive this goal and avoid health store accident compensation claims.

Report the accident to staff at the health and beauty store it occured in and ensure they keep a record of it in the accident book. Ask for a copy of this report to support your claim. If possible, photograph the item you were hit by and the area the incident occured, and take down the names and numbers of any witnesses.

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