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Claim For Forklift Truck Accident

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Forklift Trucks are used to carry and transfer materials used at construction sites, warehouses, recycling processes and manufacturing industries. Forklift trucks can cause workplace accidents when they are poorly maintained and/or carelessly driven. You are entitled to recover compensation for your injuries and recover all your losses if you have sustained injuries caused by a forklift truck accident.

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Causes of Forklift Truck Accidents

There are different causes of accidents involving forklift trucks (FLTs). Statistics have shown that there are almost 8000 injuries and 10 fatalities that occur annually due to forklift truck. Examples include:-

  • Poorly maintained FLT,
  • Untrained FLT operator,
  • Insufficient or inadequate operating premises for FLTs,
  • Speeding,
  • Lifting workers using the FLT’s forks to reach a height
  • FLT lifting defective or broken pallets,
  • Failing objects caused by pallets unsafely loaded, and
  • Travelling on slopes with loaded trucks

Safe Operation of Forklift Trucks

Forklift truck accidents can be reduced by ensuring safety adequate measures regarding the operation and maintenance of FLT are adhered to. Your employer should take all reasonable safety measures to reduce accidents, for example:-

  • Implementing a daily lift truck pre-shift test, regular maintenance and detailed examination of FLT parts, wheels, horns, light indicators, fuel, LPG, pallets, forks, engine and battery.
  • Selecting appropriately trained FLT operators,
  • Maintaining the workplace according to the FLT operational requirements by providing:
    • parking areas for FLT,
    • paths for other vehicles or pedestrians,
    • obstruction free areas and
    •  warning signs.
  • FLT operators should follow basic driving rules for safe transfer of products.
  • To protect pedestrians, other workers and operators the employer must separate pedestrian’s path from vehicles, use loud warning devices and flashing beacons on FLTs and highly visible clothes for the other workers and FLT operators.

Forklift Truck Accident Compensation Claim

If you have suffered a serious forklift accident which was caused by the negligence of another person then you can claim compensation for your injuries and any financial losses such as loss of earnings, treatment and medication costs or travelling expenses.

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