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How Much Can I Claim For Hand injuries

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Hand injury claims take a variety of forms, ranging from the relatively minor, which people make full recoveries from, to serious personal injuries with lifelong consequences and potential complications. As a result, the overall value of hand injury compensation claims depends on a variety of factors, including the extent of a claimant’s injury and their long-term prognosis.

The figures on this page represent hand injury claims that Clearwater Solicitors have pursued, but the value of your claim could be considerably different. You might have sustained a lot of special damages, such as lost wages, household renovations and medical treatment, and the cost of these expenses will be factored into your compensation claim.

Hand injuries arise following a range of different accidents. When people are in a slip, trip or fall, they naturally put their hands out to break their fall. Motor vehicle accidents, cycling accidents, criminal injuries, workplace accidents and a wide variety of other incidents can all cause injury to the hands. There are many fragile bones and tendons within the human hand, and these are liable to break or become damaged following impact. The team at Clearwater Solicitors have handled a vast array of hand injury claims that arose in all sorts of different settings.

Industrial injuries can also affect the hands – repetitive motions and uncomfortable positions are associated with a range of different musculoskeletal disorders. These can cause stiffness, pain and an inability to move the digits or hand, which can lead to long-term difficulties.

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