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How Much Can I Claim For Brain Injury

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Brain injuries can be very serious, leading to cognitive problems, memory loss, neurological difficulties and nervous system disorders. While some people make a total recovery from brain injuries, many people require care and support for the rest of their lives, with some of the potential consequences of brain injury including severe disability, dependence on others for care, personality changes and seizures. The long-term prognosis of a claimant is therefore considered in brain injury compensation claims.

As well as your pain and suffering, and the reductions in your quality of life, brain injury compensation valuations will also consider all other losses you will face. This includes the cost of brain injury rehabilitation, lost income, medical expenses, travel costs and the cost of any household renovations required as a result of the brain injury. Compensation should ensure you are not left out-of-pocket as a result of an accident that wasn’t your fault.

Brain injury compensation claims often consider additional health problems, such as epilepsy, other conditions that cause seizures, mental health problems caused by brain damage and the loss of sensations. Your emotional distress and anxiety, as well as any other psychiatric damage, will also be considered in your final settlement.

As a result, the figures provided by this compensation claims calculator should only be considered as estimates. Your brain injury solicitors will seek out medical reports detailing what brain damage you have sustained, and will speak to neurosurgeons to understand what the future will bring. They will use this information to come up with a unique figure that represents your particular circumstances.

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