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How Much Can i Claim For Below Elbow Arm Amputation

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Below-elbow arm amputation claims can be very sizable because of the long-term consequences and potential complications such a personal injury can lead to. An amputation can significantly alter a claimant’s quality of life and can often require long-term healthcare, rehabilitation and support.

Lower arm amputations are usually caused by traumatic amputations, although health problems, such as vascular disease, malignant tumours and congenital disorders can also lead to amputations. As a result, they can be seen in medical negligence claims, workplace accident claims, motor vehicle accidents and a huge range of other personal injury compensation cases.

Complications from amputation injuries include nerve damage, swelling, tissue death, stiffening, phantom limb pain and infection. Sufferers can face a lot of additional problems – many are no longer able to continue in their line of employment, which can cause emotional distress and financial difficulties, or may no longer be able to participate in their favourite pastimes.

The value of an arm amputation claim depends on factors including whether the claimant requires specialist equipment, their long-term prognosis, how it has affected their quality of life, if they suffered any psychological problems as a result of the injury and whether they faced any other losses, such as lost wages. A claim might also consider the potential cost of medical devices that may be developed in the future and that could improve the claimant’s outlook. You may be able to secure an advance on your compensation claim, so you can deal with any financial difficulties and pay for medical treatment as quickly as possible.

Therefore, if you want to make a claim, you should speak to personal injury lawyers who have dealt with below-elbow arm amputation claims like yours. At Clearwater Solicitors, we have the skills and experience you need to succeed in your claim and receive all the money you need.

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