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Our client receives £5,000.00 compensation in lorry collision

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Accident circumstances

Mrs T was taking her sister to a medical check-up and was driving towards the hospital. As our client was driving she noticed a large lorry on her left, coming out of a side road. The claimant proceeded to drive straight when the defendant didn’t observe whilst turning left onto our clients lane. This caused the defendant’s vehicle to collide into the front corner of the claimant’s vehicle.

The police attended the scene of the accident and asked the claimant and her passenger if they needed an ambulance- they refused the ambulance as they were already on their way to the hospital. Our client then googled road traffic accident claims and came across our website. She spoke to one of our team who advised her that we will take conduct of the claim.

Third party insurer’s position

The third party failed to give us a response regarding liability within the given time so we had to issue court proceedings.

How Clearwater solicitors resolved the issue?

This claim was then transferred to Sohail Ahmed our expert in personal injury compensation.

–        The third party insurers contacted us to inform us that liability is in dispute- They tried to state that their client was turning left from a major road into a minor road and as she was doing so she collided with the lorry which was stationary.

–        We strongly denied this allegation as we knew our client wasn’t at fault. The third party then sent us a form of authority regarding a 50/50 split- Our client rejected this. If our client had accepted this offer her insurance premium would have increased for at least 6 years as this would have been recorded as a fault accident.

–        After taking Mrs T’s instructions we rejected the offer and asked them to accept full liability. The third party insurers then responded to us admitting full liability.

–        Mrs T was examined by a medical expert who prepared a report in relation to her injuries. We sent the report to the third party insurers and asked them to put forward offers but they failed to do so. Therefore, we issued Court proceedings.

As the third party insurers didn’t want this case to go to court they put forward an offer of £4,000.00 in full and final settlement- We thought this offer was unreasonable and our client rejected this offer. The third party insurers put forward an offer of £4800.00 which was also rejected. Finally they put forward an offer of £5000.00 which our client gladly accepted as we believed the offer was reasonable.

Sohail Ahmed’s comments on the case

We knew all along that our client wasn’t at fault and that’s why we proceeded with the case and ensured that the third party accepted 100% liability. We kept our client updated at all times and she was very happy with our service as well as the compensation received.

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