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Mrs. L Received £45,000 As Result Of Car Accident

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Mrs. L received £45,000 as compensation for her injuries and lossescaused by a road accident.
Mrs. L was driving on a main road and stopped on a red signal. While waiting for the signal to turn green another vehicle collided into the rear of her car at high speed. Mrs. L received serious neck, back and scarring injuries as her head struck the steering of car. Mrs. L suffered with physical head injury and slight brain injury. This accident damaged both vehicles. Rear of Mrs. L’s car was completely destroyed.
Mrs. L took two months to recover her physical injuries and pain but psychological stress due to the brain damage lasted for more than two years.
Accident was caused by the negligence of the other driver, so Mrs. L was eligible to receive compensation for her injuries, loss of earnings and care costs.
The case was very clear and negligence of the other driver was proven. Insurance company of the negligent car driver settled the case out of court. Along with the compensation for her [physical injuries and psychological problems, Mrs. L also received compensation for all her financial losses; medical and psychological treatment cost, and the value of her car.

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