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Mr L cleared of fraud and is awarded £2800 in damages

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Accident circumstances

Mr L was stationary at a set of traffic lights where the defendant failed to observe and collided into the rear of our client’s vehicle. After being referred by a friend Mr L had a free consultation with our personal injury solicitors in Bolton and instructed us to represent him in his car accident claim.When his claim settled he recommended the passengers to us as well.

Defendant’s position

The defendant’s representative’s had written to us acknowledging the claim and advised they were investigating the claim as they had not had contact from their insured. It later transpied they believed Mr L’s claim was fraud.

How Clearwater Solicitors dealt with the matter

Our specialist personal injury solicitors interviewed mr L who came across genuine.

We received a defence from the defendant’s representatives who were raising Mr L’s identity, occupancy, injury and ownership of the vehicle as an issue.

  • They state there were 7 occupants in total who were all claiming personal injury. They stated that an ambulance was not called to the scene and cannot account for the injury allegedly sustained
  • They also stated that our client was involved in a further accident along with three of the other passengers.
  • They stated Mr L was subject to registered keeper changes a month prior to the accident.

The matter was prepared for trial and a part 36 offer was made and the matter settled two weeks before trial.

Sarah Jerrams’s comments case

It is highly frustrating and upsetting for our client when matters are made complex and false allegations are made against them. This is why we ensure we keep our client’s up to date regularly and ensure we maintain constant contact. We believe our client was genuine and this is why we continued negotiations up until trial; the fact the defendant’s solicitor’s agreed to settle weeks before trial suggests they had doubts in respect of their chance of success at trial. Mr L was very happy with our service and how we defended him against the false accusations.

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