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Mr J Weatherhead Won £3430.00 as Compensation of Whiplash Injury

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We at Clearwater Solicitors are consistency successful in obtaining substantial damages for whiplashinjuries. One such example is Mr J Weatherheadfor whom we managed to obtain £3430.00 in total.

Accident circumstances

Mr Weatherhead was involved in a road traffic accident on the evening of April 2012. He was the front seat passenger of a car. At the time of the accident, the car he was travelling in was travelling down a main roadwhensuddenlysomeone pulled out of a causing a collision with hisvehicle.Mr Wheaterhead suffered whiplash injuries to his neck, shoulder and lower back.

How we helped

The file was allocated to a fee earner who specialises in whiplash injuries. We arranged for Mr Weatherhead to see a medical expert close to his home. The medical expert believed Mr Weatherheadwould recover from his injuries within 12 – 14 months from the date of the accident.
We sent the report to Mr Wheatherhead who approved the contents of the report and provided details of out of pocket expenses he wished to claim.
After successfully negotiating with the third party insurers, we managed to obtain the sizeable sum of £3350.00 for whiplash injury, together with £30.00 for miscellaneous expenses and £50.00 for travel fares, totalling £3430.00.
We have been able to obtain large sums such as this figure in numerous other claims.

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