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Manchester woman settles her claim for £6000

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Accident circumstances

Mrs A was travelling home from work when she joined a roundabout. She proceeded to move into the left lane to take the exit off the roundabout. The third party vehicle attempted to join the roundabout and collided with the front passenger side of the claimant’s vehicle due to lack of observation. Mrs A exchanged details with the third party driver at the scene of the road traffic accident and her husband drove her home. Mrs A contacted us to pursue a car accident claim and we accepted the case and assigned it to a personal injury solicitor. Mr Ahmed submitted the claim onto the portal and the third party were given 21 days to respond.

The Defendants Position

The third party accepted liability based on the evidence that they had at the present time but wanted to argue contributory negligence if further evidence arose at a later date. Mr Ahmed wrote to the third party insurers and stated that if they wanted to reserve their position the claim would have to come off the portal. Mr Ahmed removed the claim from the portal. He did this because the third party failed to respond to his emails confirming that liability admitted in full. Once the claim was removed from the portal the third party insurers contact Mr Ahmed to object to our decision.

How we resolved the case

Instructions were sent to counsel. Counsel agreed to act on behalf of Clearwater Solicitors because they believed that the case was strongly in our client’s favour.

–        Court proceedings were issued against the third party. Mr Ahmed did this because he could not understand why the third party were delaying matters by not responding when liability had already been admitted.

–        The third party solicitor called Mr Ahmed and advised that she was now willing to make offers for our client’s personal injury compensation claim. An offer of £4500 was submitted in regards to personal injury and any other damages.

–        Mr Ahmed contacted Mrs A his client and she confirmed to him that the minimum offer that she would accept was £6000. Mr Ahmed submitted this to the third party.

–        A defence was received from the third party and an order from the court was sent to Mr Ahmed advising him to file a directions questionnaire. This was submitted to the court.

–        Mr Ahmed then received an email from the third party solicitors confirming agreement to the £6000 counter offer that was filed. The settlement figure was finalised when Mr Ahmed sent a completed consent order to the court confirming agreement to the offer.

Mrs Ahmed was very happy with the figure that she received in full and final settlement of her personal injury claim.

How can Clearwater Solicitors help you?

Clearwater Solicitors is experienced in handling car accident claims where there the Defendant’s refuse to cooperate and settle what appears to be a straightforward claim. If you think you have a case or require further information contact Clearwater on 08000 430 430 or fill in the online call back request.

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