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Family involved in road traffic accident win compensation

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Accident circumstances

Mr A and family were on their way home from the airport after dropping off aunties and uncles who were traveling abroad. On the way home on the motorway the sign said “slow down, queue at junction ahead”. Mr A slowed down and came to a stop behind the traffic. The third party failed to observe and hit into the rear of Mr A’s car, which caused his vehicle to shunt and collide with the vehicle in front. After the collision both parties exited their vehicles and Mr A realised that the accident involved four vehicles in total. The police were called then attended the scene; details from all of the drivers of the cars were exchanged.

After seeing Clearwater solicitors advert on TV, Mr A and his passengers instructed our personal injury solicitors to represent them.

Third Party insurer’s position

The third party didn’t respond to us in the given time and consequently the claim fell off the portal. The third party were stating that our version of events were incorrect. They were claiming our client had hit the car in front before the accident happened, accusing our client of being at fault.

How Clearwater Solicitors resolved the matter

–        The road traffic accident claims were then passed over to Sarah Manders, who took over the claims.

–        Our client rejected the allegation that he collided into the car in front. Therefore we continued his road traffic accident claim and successfully recovered 100% compensation.

–         The third party insurer put forward an offer of £2350.00, our client rejected this offer. We then put forward a counter offer of £4410. The third party responded with a higher offer of £2902, our client accepted this offer.


Sarah Manders comments on the case

We believed our client was genuine therefore that is why we perused his claim and were successful in recovering 100% compensation. This should have been a straight forward case and the third party insurers should have accepted liability. Instead they cause unnecessary delays and increased costs for no apparent reason..

How Clearwater Solicitors can help you?

Clearwater solicitors are experienced in handling road traffic accident claims. Our personal injury solicitors are qualified with an excellent success rate. Contact us on 08000 430 430 to speak to one of our team today or visit the website to speak to someone live now.

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