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Client awarded £4,161.50 after her own drivers insurers believed the claim was fraudulent

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Accident circumstances

The claimant was a passenger in a vehicle which was parked at the side of a road. The driver of the vehicle opened his door into the path of an oncoming bus which resulted in the bus colliding with the side of the vehicle. Our client initially went to another firm of solicitors who were advised from the third party insurers that they held CCTV footage which clearly showed the impact was extremely minor and they could not have sustained injury. The previous solicitors therefore closed her file of papers.

Our client then googled personal injury compensation claim and came across our website. She spoke to one of our team who advised her that we will take conduct of the claim.

Third party insurer’s position

The third party disputed liability – They implied that the claim was fraudulent and forward’ us a copy of the correspondence they sent to the first firm of solicitors, which caused them to close their file. We believed that our client was genuine and therefore continued with the claim.

How Clearwater solicitors resolved the issue?

The case was handed to Sarah Manders our specialist in passenger claims.

–        As the third party insurers stated that they had CCTV footage that clearly showed no movement from the impact of this accident, we insisted they send a copy the footage- However, they wouldn’t provide us with this.

–        We then received an engineer’s report from the client’s driver. This clearly showed extensive damage to the vehicle – The car was a total loss with the driver door hanging off the hinges. We were satisfied that the impact had sufficient force to cause injury.

–        With our client’s consent we decided to issue court proceedings. The third party was no responsive to our letters regarding this and decided not to defend our client’s claim.

As a result of this our client was awarded £4,161.50 in respect of her car accident claim.

Sarah Mander’s comments on the case

We knew all along that there was movement in this impact, which caused injury to our client and that’s why we made sure our client received the correct amount of compensation. Although the previous solicitors closed this case and it was transferred to us we had strong belief that this case would be successful and were happy with the result. We keep our clients updated regular to ease the process of the case for them. Our client was really happy with his customer service received from us and was overwhelmed with the compensation award of £4,161.50.

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