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Child is awarded £1,750 compensation

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Accident circumstances

Miss A was driving at up to 5mph on a shopping centre car park looking for a free parking bay when all of a sudden she was hit by the defendant’s vehicle, which was reversing. The defendant failed to check for other cars who had right of way. Miss A sustained an injury. Miss A’s mother googled personal injury solicitors and came across our website. She spoke to one of our team who advised her that we will take conduct of her daughter’s car accident claim.

Third party insurer’s position

The third party failed to respond to us regarding liability in the given time as they were investigating the claim. Eventually the third party offers a 50/50 liability split which was rejected y our client’s litigation friend.

How Clearwater solicitors resolved the issue?

The third party solicitors maintained the claim should settle for a 50/50 liability split.

–         As our claimant wasn’t at fault we recommended to the client proceedings are issued. Although our client’s litigation friend agreed we thought it was prudent to warn the third party insurers by sending them a 7 day warning letter.

–         The third party wanted to avoid court proceedings and responded to our letter admitting 100% liability.

They put forward an offer of £1,600 which we advised our client to reject as we felt this was unreasonable. We then put forward a counter offer of £1,750 which the third party agreed to.

Sohail Ahmed comments on the case

I am pleased that our client received £1,750 in personal injury compensation. Wherever possible we like to avoid litigation as it can delay settlement by some time. In this case I sent a simple warning letter to the third party insurers and they accepted liability which meant my client’s claim settled much sooner.

How Clearwater Solicitors can help you?

Clearwater solicitors are experienced in handling car accident claims where liability is disputed. Contact us on 08000 430 430 to speak to one of our team today or visit the website to speak to someone live now.

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