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  1. Personal Injury Frequently Asked Questions

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    In essence, personal injury is a vast topic that covers various aspects to convey the right message to the targeted audiences globally. If you are willing to know something special about personal injury, please feel free to read various frequently asked questions about personal injury.



    Question 1: How do victims/injured parties settle on how much money they are entitled to in consequence of the accident, mishap or tragedy?


    Answer: The personal injury solicitors determine the exact compensation amounts by evaluating various important factors like loss of salaries, damages, emotional distress, medical expenses, loss of consortium, periods of disability and mutilation, etc.


    Question 2: What are the most important documents or evidences that injured parties should bring with them to show their lawyer.


    Answer: This may well includes bystander statements, medical reports from the doctors, and pictures of the accident, injuries and eyewitnesses.


    Question 3: What sort of information will victim/injured party need to provide at the initial consultation related to their personal injury, road accidents, accidents at work, and clinical negligence case?


    Answer: A personal injury attorney will request for several things such as medical reports, records, names, addresses and past medical records. It may include physical therapists, chiropractors, nursing staffs and other members.


    Question 4: What will usually happen at the initial consultation with personal injury solicitor?


    Answer: First and foremost, the attorney will tell you whether you have a valid legal claim against the responsible party or not. If you decide to make the right claims against the liable party, it is wiser to sign a fee agreement.


    Question 5: What is necessary for the victims or injured parties to have their valid personal injury case?


    Answer: All the injured persons or victims need to do is provide essential evidences regarding the personal injuries and damages to solicitors. If you were injured due to road accident or accident at work place, you have then a right potential personal injury cause of action.


    Question 6: What is exactly personal injury settlement process?


    Answer: It is a systematic process that will mainly cover evidences, medical reports, records, names, addresses, records and reports of the medical doctors. In addition, it includes the compensation amounts for loss of wages, medical expenditures, car repairing expenses, loss of cash, etc.


    Question 7: When should you contact with personal injury solicitors?


    Answer: It is vital to contact with personal injury solicitors immediately after the tragedy, road accident or mishap.


    Question 8: What are the types of accident claims in the UK these days?


    Answer: They may include slip and fall, car accidents, motorbike accidents, boating accidents, defective products, wrongful death, medical malpractice, water accidents, occupational accidents, dog bites and assaults, etc.







  2. Making A Personal Injury Compensation Claim After Being The Victim Of A Crime

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    Making a personal injury compensation claim after being the victim of a crimeWe are experts in all area of personal injury law at Clearwater Solicitors and handle a huge range of personal injury compensation claims, some involving relatively minor injuries and others involving injuries that can have life-long implications or can prove fatal.

    A large number of people suffer serious personal injuries as a result of an assault of another criminal act, and these individuals can make a claim through a scheme administered through the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA). This is a government-run initiative that pays personal injury compensation to people who have suffered mental or physical injuries in violent crimes, and with overall awards ranging from between £1,000 and £500,000.

    In some cases, this is not enough money to cover the full consequences of a person’s injury – for example, if someone suffers a serious brain injury in an assault – something that can happen incredibly easily – the costs associated with this injury could easily lead to the tens of millions of pounds, with the victim requiring lifelong care and treatment, expensive rehabilitation, and costly medical treatment. The Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme will also pay out compensation to the dependants and close relatives of people who have died as a result of criminal injuries, but this might be far less than the claimants would have received in other personal injury compensation claims.

    Nonetheless, making an application to the CICA may be people’s only opportunity to receive compensation for injuries sustained as a result of a crime – it is unlikely that criminals will have insurance to cover them should a compensation claim be brought against them.

    How CICA Process Personal Injury Compensation Claims

    When CICA receive an application regarding a personal injury compensation claim, they will process it on the claimant’s behalf. The claimant will not have to go to a hearing – instead, the organisation will write to them or their legal representative to tell them of the outcome. If the claimant agrees with the overall value of the compensation claim, they will have to sign a form to show they accept the sum of money. If they are not happy with it, the claimant can ask CICA to review their decisions, and if the claimant disagrees with CICA’s review, they can make an appeal to the Tribunals Service. This must be made within 90 days of the date they received the CICA decision letter.

    If you wish to make a criminal injuries compensation claim, but feel you need representation to ensure you receive the personal injury compensation you need, then you should speak with solicitors to help you fill in the application form. Clearwater Solicitors are perfectly placed to help you do so; you can rest assured your claim is in safe hands with us. Call us on 08000 430 430 or fill in our online enquiry form for more information.

  3. Welsh NHS boards pay out over £100m in personal injury claims over three years

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    Welsh NHS boards pay out over £100m in personal injury claims over three yearsWales Online has reported that over the last three years, the NHS in Wales has spent more than £100 million on personal injury claims.

    Figures released by six of Wales’ seven health boards and the Welsh ambulance service reveal that £117.6 million has been paid to personal injury compensation claimants since 2010.


    – The ambulance service paid out £2.3 million

    – Powys paid out £6.1 million

    – Cwm Taf Health Board paid out £14.5 million

    – Hywel Dda paid out £9.6 million

    – Abertawe Bro Morgannwg University Health Board paid out £35.4 million

    – Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board paid out £26.2 million

    – Cardiff and Vale University Health Board paid out £23.1 million.

    Most health boards have seen their overall medical negligence and personal injury compensation claim bill remain relatively static, but a few boards have paid out significantly more than usual after being hit by a number of big compensation claims.

    If the NHS is to see sustained declines in the amount of money it pays out in medical negligence compensation, it will have to improve the ways it learns from its mistakes and to improve its openness and transparency. The Francis Report has provided a range of recommendations that the NHS should follow to improve patients’ health and safety, which should support it in seeing maintained reductions in the number of medical negligence cases.

    Medical negligence cannot just be seen as a cost that the NHS Litigation Authority has to deal with – every clinical negligence claim is someone who has been injured unnecessarily when they needed help the most, and some claims involve people who will experience life-long health problems and difficulties as a result of their injuries.

    With NHS authorities currently strapped-for-cash, improving the health and safety of services provided may offer benefits greater than they realise.

    People who have received substandard care should be entitled to receive all the redress they deserve, and as well as personal injury compensation, this may involve recovery of other losses, investigations into the circumstances of their injuries, and in some cases, prosecutions.

    If you want to make a claim for compensation, the personal injury solicitors at Clearwater Solicitors are here to give you the help and assistance you need. We are waiting to help you out – just call us on 08000 430 430 to speak with us directly, or fill in our online enquiry form and we will call you back as soon as we can.