What To Do In A Road Traffic Accident Abroad

If you’re in a road accident abroad, acting in an appropriate way and claiming compensation can be a confusing and difficult process. With people heading out on their summer holidays, the coming weeks and months will see more and more people having car crashes abroad and having to handle these extra complications.

The following steps should ensure you don’t have any unnecessary difficulties, no matter what country you are in.

Stop at the scene and call the police

Throughout Europe and in many other countries, 112 will get you through to the emergency services. Wait until the police arrive and ensure you receive a copy of the police report. If you cannot understand what people are saying, then ask for an interpreter. If someone is injured in the road accident, then ask for an ambulance and follow the instructions given to you by the emergency services operator.

Collect evidence if possible

Collecting evidence will support you in your car accident compensation claim. If you can, take photographs of the vehicles involved in the accident,  their number plates, their positions in the street, the damage sustained and any other factors you think are relevant.

Note down information about the accident, the contact information of any witnesses and drivers, and the insurance details of the driver.

Do not admit liability or apologise in any way

Liability is for the courts and car accident solicitors to decide, but admitting liability will indicate that you were at fault. If the other driver is annoyed or angry and you think apologising will placate them, then wait for the police to arrive.

If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident, you may be provided with a European Accident Statement, which puts together information about the accident to help with insurance and compensation claims. Do not sign this document until you are completely sure that you understand what has happened and what you are agreeing to.

Receive medical attention

You may have sustained personal injuries, even if you feel unharmed. It is always a good idea to have yourself checked out by medical professionals after a car accident. You should ask for a medical report, as this will help you in your car accident compensation claim.

Get legal advice

Making a personal injury claim for a road accident abroad is considerably harder than doing so for an accident in the UK, and you will need to speak to car accident solicitors about your claim. They will discuss whether or not it will be possible for you to make a claim and the costs you might face. Recent legislative changes have made it easier to claim for car crashes within the UK, but it is still possible to make personal injury compensation claims for accidents from many other countries.

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