Van Drivers Helping Students Move Could Be Uninsured In Car Accident Compensation Claims

Van drivers helping studentsWith thousands of students moving millions of their personal items into their new homes over the coming days and weeks, our personal injury solicitors would like to remind anyone helping in these moves to ensure their vehicle insurance is up to date.

AXA Insurance research revealed that around 80% of all van drivers are regularly asked to help friends and family out with personal errands, with around 33% of these requests relating to house moves. There will undoubtedly be a lot of van drivers helping students move to their new residences over the next few weeks – our no win no fee solicitors remember using a friend with a van to move around when they were at university, and today’s students will be no different.

But van drivers, students and anyone else involved in this move should be aware that insurance policies may not cover them for these tasks, which could cause unforeseen difficulties if they are involved in a car accident compensation claim. AXA pointed out that its insurance policies only cover the vehicle itself and not its contents, so if the van is stolen or in a road traffic accident, thousands of pounds worth of belongings could be uninsured.

When another person drives the van instead of the insured driver, they might be unwittingly driving without insurance. Even if the driver’s insurance policy covers them for ‘driving other vehicles’, this does not necessarily include commercial vehicles.  If people think ahead and insure the contents of the vehicle and the driver, a payment above expenses could also potentially invalidate the insurance cover.

Prepare For Road Traffic Accident Claims When Moving Home

Students, parents and van drivers must think carefully about the risk of a road traffic accident when moving their belongings – it is always best to be prepared for the worst. Checking that insurance policies are suitable for the journey is essential and should be done well in advance of the move.

AXA Insurance provided the following tips for students moving home:

–          If the journey will be long, schedule breaks and set off with plenty of time to go to avoid hours of night-time driving

–          Young people driving themselves and their friends should ensure their friends do not distract them , as young drivers have the highest motor vehicle accident rate

–          Drive carefully, as large loads may impact visibility

–          Check that the vehicle is in a roadworthy condition before taking it out – driving an unroadworthy vehicle could invalidate insurance policies in the event of car accident compensation claims

–          Check the insurance will cover the journey before setting off

–          Pack personal belongings carefully, as insurance could be invalidated if people fail to take ‘due care and attention’ when loading goods

–          Talk to a home insurer to ensure personal belongings are insured

Personal injury solicitors will try to help anyone who has been in a motor vehicle accident that wasn’t their fault, but driving without insurance could be an indicator of liability and could make claiming road traffic accident compensation far more difficult.