Questions To Ask Your Insurer When Making A Personal Injury Claim

Questions to ask your insurer when making a personal injury claimInsurance can be essential when people make personal injury claims. No win no fee solicitors may ask you to make a conditional fee agreement (CFA) so you can fund their services if your claim is unsuccessful.

You may also be able to fund your claim through legal expenses insurance. Some insurance providers offer legal expenses cover in the small print or as an optional extra, with this seen in vehicle insurance, holiday insurance and home insurance. Some trade unions also offer legal expenses cover.

Legal expenses insurance does not pay the policyholder the damages they wish to recover in their personal injury claim and it does not cover their liability to pay another person damages.

Legal expenses cover can be bought either:

–          Before-the-event – to prepare the owner for the possibility of making or defending a claim before a case has been brought forwards

–          After-the-event, when the policyholder has already chosen to defend or take on legal action and wishes to cover themselves against the possibility of losing and paying the other side’s costs

Many people do not realise they have legal expenses cover until they make a personal injury claim and they or their solicitor checks their policy properly. We will discuss the range of payment plans available to you when we initially talk about your claim.

Questions To Ask Insurers About Legal Expenses Cover

The following questions will help you understand what you are entitled to. If you are still uncertain, show Clearwater Solicitors your policy details and we will be happy to advise you.

–          How much legal expenses cover will I receive?

–          Is there an excess? How much is the excess?

–          Will my choice of medical and legal experts be restricted to those of the insurer’s choosing, or will I be allowed to appoint my own?

–          Will the ways in which I am allowed to conduct my claim be restricted?

–          Will my policy be suitable for my particular personal injury claim?

–          What expenses does my policy cover? Will it cover court fees and medical report fees?

–          Did I have the policy at the time I sustained the personal injury?

–          Are there any other terms and conditions I should be aware of?

Common Disputes Involving Legal Expenses Cover

While there are a range of problems people can experience when dealing with legal expenses cover, the majority of disputes involve three particular issues. These are:

–          Whether or not the policyholder has a reasonable chance of succeeding

–          The alleged maladministration of the compensation claim or the policy itself

–          The choice of solicitors the policy requires

If you experience any difficulties with your legal expenses cover, the personal injury solicitors at Clearwater Solicitors can provide you with the no-obligation advice and assistance you need. Just bring your policy details to us for your initial consultation and we will see what we can do.