Personal Injury Solicitors Offer Travel Advice As Storm Batters Britain

Personal Injury SolicitorsThe worst of the storm is over, and the UK’s weather is going back to its dull, grey average. Regardless, personal injury solicitors are expecting to see a huge number of compensation claims relating to motor vehicle accidents, slips and trips or other preventable personal injuries over the coming months, with weather a common factor in dozens of these.

Therefore, we would advise people to take additional precautions with their personal safety over the next few weeks and months. Generally, when the weather turns awful, people want to spend as much time as possible sat indoors, wrapped up and with a warm meal and warm drink, and not only is this a great way to spend the winter, it is also a great way to avoid personal injury claims. Our advice for poor weather is always the same: don’t go out unless you absolutely have to.

However, if you can’t help but go out, then consider the following tips before you step outside:

–          Ensure you’re well wrapped-up and prepared for the cold weather. Wear a thick coat and strong, waterproof shoes or boots. Don’t go outside in the ice, snow and rain with stiletto heels or other impractical shoes – if you absolutely have to wear them, then put them in a bag and wait until you get indoors before you put them on. Not only could you find yourself slipping and tripping in poor weather, but you might also find that your slip and trip compensation claim settlement is reduced or that your claim is thrown out if you are found to be wearing impractical clothing at the time.

–          If you drive, then take warm weatherproof clothes with you and ensure your mobile phone is fully charged in case of emergency. Check that your vehicle is roadworthy and that the brakes and lights work, and check your oil, windscreen wiper and coolant levels and your tyre pressure. If your car has become damaged or is leaking due to the cold weather, then it is unsafe to drive.

–          Don’t take any unnecessary risks. Don’t drive down flooded roads and try to stick to main arterial routes. If the roads are icy, then check which roads have been gritted before setting off on your journey. Try to plan your journey well in advance so you know where to go and what to do if things go wrong.

Although the bad weather earlier this week might be unusual for Britain, we will undoubtedly see similar weather in the weeks and months to come. Everyone is aware of the potential for dangerous road conditions and slippery pavements to strike in the immediate future, but there is always plenty of time for preparation. The last few winters have been very cold, snowy and icy, and this winter looks set to be the same. Our personal injury solicitors are ready for the challenges of the coming winter – you should get yourself prepared too.