Car Accident Compensation Claims And Night-Time Driving

car accident compensation claimsOur road accident solicitors deal with a disproportionate number of car crash compensation claims involving accidents in the night time. Indeed, while only around one-quarter of all car journeys take place between 7pm and 8am, but approximately 40% of all car crashes occur at this time, showing that night-time journeys pose a far greater risk of death and serious injury than those in the daytime.

While some of the reason for the high number of night-time motor vehicle accidents is because negligent drivers cannot see other road users in the dark, leading to longer reaction times and longer braking distances, there are also a number of other factors at play. Drink driving is most common in the late evening and night-time, and a higher proportion of drivers will be fatigued, so there is a significantly higher likelihood that other road users will be distracted or incapable of driving.

Of course, this is no excuse for car accidents and will be seen as evidence of guilt in road accident claims. So how can you avoid being involved in car crashes at night?

–          Don’t Drive At Night Unless Absolutely Necessary

You should only drive at night if you have to – the significantly higher risk of injury means needless night time journeys are unnecessary.

–          Don’t Be Overconfident

You might think that it is safe to drive fast or take risks because the road seems empty, but this can easily lead to catastrophe. Drive as you would normally, even if it seems like there are no vehicles around for miles, as this will prepare you for any unexpected occurrences.

–          Check Your Headlights

In many cases, people end up seeing road accident solicitors because another driver’s lights did not work properly, were on the wrong setting, or were pointing off the road at an angle. Use your headlights properly to ensure other drivers can see you, but do not dazzle them.

–          Stay Focused

Look around and be observant so you can react to any problems quickly. Move your eyes from side to side and ensure you scan the whole road – darkness can make it harder to see things in your peripheral vision.

–          Get Some Sleep

If you’ve been driving for hours and are starting to feel tired, then pull over and get some sleep. You should take hourly breaks on long journeys to stretch your legs and reinvigorate yourself, but you must have adequate sleep as well. It is better to arrive a few hours later than to never arrive at all.

Clearwater Solicitors can help you claim car accident compensation if you’ve been in a crash that wasn’t your fault. Speak to us before accepting any offers from insurers, as the value of your compensation claim could be considerably more than the figure you are being offered. We can help you determine whether the night time led to your accident, and whether any other factors came into play, helping you achieve some form of justice and ensuring you can recover your losses.