Worker Severs Three Fingers In Unguarded Machinery Workplace Accident

A man severed three fingers in an accident at work, Grantham Magistrates Court heard on October 1st.

Shaun Newcomb, 30, was clearing blocked wood from the conveyor on March 9th 2012 when his right hand touched the chains and sprockets that drove the belt, which led to parts of his ring, little and middle finger becoming severed.

As a result of this accident at work, he required physiotherapy, two operations, counselling and cell regeneration treatment. He did not want to return to the scene of the workplace accident and now works for a different company.

Investigations by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) revealed that Armistead Engineering supplied the conveyor to the company a few weeks before Mr Newcomb’s accident at work, but the device was not properly guarded.

The firm admitted failing to protect people who were not under its employment and therefore breaching the Health and Safety at Work etc Act and was fined £6,667 with costs of £5,715.

Mr Newcomb said he is unable to play darts or fish as regularly as he used to, has had to relearn how to use a knife and tie his shoelaces and struggles with lifting tasks.

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