Slip And Trip Injury Claimants Receive £42k From Cambridge City Council

Slips and trips compensation claims involving paths in Cambridge have cost the council more £42,000 in the last 12 months.

Cambridge News has reported that five slip and trip claims were successfully made against the local authority in the last year, although the council successfully defended itself against ten claims.

One successful slip and trip claim was in Arbury, one was in Petersfield, one was in Abbey and two were in Market, with these costing the council £42,033 in damages.

Overall, Cambridge City Council faced a total bill of £98,730 in personal injury claims over the last 12 months, although this includes legal fees. The council’s insurers dealt with the cost of these claims.

The local authority did not want to reveal the specific locations of the accidents it was unsuccessful in defending against, but the council’s support services manager Karl Tattam told the publication that the trips happened on council-owned real estate, such as recreation areas, certain buildings and parks.

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