PHRD Pledges To Improve Health Of Construction Workers

The Public Health Responsibility Deal (PHRD) network pledged to improve the health and safety of workers in the construction sector, reducing the likelihood of industrial accident claims.

This deal was announced by Public Health Minister Jane Ellison on October 10th. Ms Ellison said: “Builders often work in difficult and demanding environments and we must support them to ensure their health is not put at risk.”

As a result, companies signing up to the network will commit to deal with hazards and dangers in the construction sector. This will involve:

–          Implementing pragmatic, robust policies to deal with health risks

–          Do all they can to reduce employee exposure to any substances related to respiratory and breathing problems

–          Deal with hazardous manual handling to help staff avoid musculoskeletal disorders

–          Keep noise on building sites to a minimum and provide employees with hearing protection when required

The pledge is part of the construction sector’s effort to improve the health of their workers. Other ways they could do so include by promoting healthy living to staff members, such as by encouraging people to quit smoking, providing health checks and offering healthy food in canteens.

Ndustrial Ililness Claims

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