North Wales Councils Pay Out £31k In Slip And Trip Accidents In 2012 To 2013

Slip and trip claims against North Wales councils saw injured parties receive more than £31,000 in compensation over 2012 to 2013.

Figures in the Daily Post show that after a slip in Deeside Leisure Centre, Flintshire Council paid out £12,100 in slip accident compensation.

The same council also paid out £11,520 following a slip accident at Shotton’s Venerable Edward Morgan School.

Denbighshire Council paid out £1,000 after a trip accident involving a metal bolt, while Wrexham paid out £500 following a fall down steps and £3,700 after a trip injury caused by a manhole cover.

Flintshire County Councillor Alex Aldridge told the news source that it is right for people to receive compensation if they suffer an injury due to negligence on the part of the council.

A spokesman for the local authority said the council does all it can to keep people safe on council-owned premises, but that accidents unfortunately occur occasionally. They said the council will always take steps to deal with risks and prevent accidents from recurring.

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