HSE Inspector Spots Builder With 10-Year-Old On Scaffolding

A 10-year-old boy was spotted on scaffolding by a passing Health and Safety Executive (HSE) Inspector, Liverpool Magistrates’ Court heard on July 11th.

The incident, which occurred on February 20th in the Kirby area of Merseyside, prompted a plea to construction workers from the HSE, with the organisation urging them not to take their children on to building sites during the school holidays.

The child’s father, an unnamed 51-year-old, was ordered to pay £200 prosecution costs and carry out 80 hours of community service within the next 12 months, after the court heard he took his son to work with him over the spring half-term holidays.

Furthermore, the scaffolding had not been erected safely – the ladder and scaffolding were insecure, hand rails were missing, and boards had not been put around the scaffold edge. As a result, not only was the child put in danger, but the members of the public could have also suffered a personal injury caused by falling objects.

Accident at work compensation claims

Following the hearing, HSE inspector Matt Greenly pointed out that construction sites are not a safe area for ten-year-olds, and can be a dangerous place for adults if health and safety regulations are not followed.

People employed in the construction sector are significantly more likely to suffer a personal injury in an accident at work than the general public. Statistics indicate that they are up to four times as likely to be killed in their jobs as the UK’s average worker, with 39 construction workers dying at work in 2012 to 2013.

Employers in the construction sector have a duty to protect the wellbeing of their workforce, and when they fail to do so, injured employees can make an accident at work compensation claim.

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