Making Personal Injury Claim

Every day thousands of people are victims of personal injury through road traffic accidents, workplace accidents, medical malpractices, public place accidents, accidents abroad, fatal injury or criminal injuries. It can be difficult to know who will pay you compensation for the physical, emotional and financial losses.

If you have suffered any personal injury which was not your fault then you are entitled to make compensation claim. You can claim from the insurer of negligent person orcompany or alternatively from the relevant Authority. In the Info graphic below we have listed the different types of personal injury accidents and who you can claim compensation from.

Making compensation claim requires the services of specialist solicitor who can ensure you receive the compensation you deserve. To receive the compensation you deserve you must:-

  1. You must hire specialist personal injury solicitor.
  2. Collect all possible evidences and pass it to your solicitor. Your solicitor will determine what information is relevant and what is not relevant
  3. Instruct your solicitor to negotiate with responsible person or insurer of responsible person, vehicle or company.
  4. Instruct your solicitor to progress issue court proceedings if necessary

A personal injury solicitor is there to take the stress out of making a claim and ensure you receive the maximum compensation.

Making Personal Injury Claim

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