Accident At Work Compensation Claims

If you’ve been in an accident at work, you can find all the information you need through this handy infographic. It details some of the major causes of workplace accidents and the processes involved in making a compensation claim, before detailing some of the frequently-asked questions people have about claiming.

You might want to know what you can claim for, or be reassured that you can’t be fired or dismissed as a result of the claim. You could also be interested in the evidence you can gather and the things you can do to enhance the strength of your claim, such as the reports you should file and the records you should keep.

The infographic also provides you with information about the advantages hiring a solicitor provides, as well as a number of tips that could help employers avoid accidents. You can read about some important workplace accident statistics, so you can understand which factors are responsible for the largest proportion of injuries at work.

It’s not just packed with information, however – graphics and cartoons pop out of every page, helping to explain the content and make it a real pleasure to read. Workplace accident compensation claimants will be sure to love this infographic!
Accident at work