Mrs R (01/2012)

The claimant was stationery awaiting for a lorry which was reversing to complete its manoeuvre. The defendant failed to notice the claimant’s stationery vehicle despite her sounding her car horn and the defendant negligently collided into the claimants vehicle.

The defendants Solicitors denied liability and advised that our insured was in their insured’s blind spot and should not have stopped where she did. Our argument was if their insured new there was a blind stop he should have made sure it was clear of traffic before proceeding and should have heard the sound of our clients car horn. We also had an independent witness who confirmed our client’s innocence.

We took statements from our client and the independent witness, after which we issued proceedings against the third party insurers.

The third party solicitors decided to deal with the claim by way of an out of court settlement and we managed to recover £4113.00 for client.