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Have you suffered injury as a result of accident at work, slip or trip or road traffic accident that was not your fault or suffered a serious injury due to negligence actions of others? If yes then you need to call Clearwater Solicitors personal injury specialists

Road Traffic Accident Compensation Claims

If you have sustained injury in road traffic accident, which was not your fault then you must make a claim to receive compensation of your physical, mental and financial damages. Call Clearwater Solicitors to make claim

Accident At Work Compensation Claims

If you have suffered personal injury as a result of accident at work due to the third person’s negligence then you are entitled to make a claim.

Serious Injury Compensation Claims

If you have become victim of serious injury due to the negligent action of others then you can make a claim against responsible person. We at Clearwater Solicitors are providing you cash advance 1500£ as a financial backing of your claim.

How to handle employees compensation claims

When your employee has an accident at work its high chance they will make claim for there personal injuries.Here are some tips for employers to defend themselves successfully.

Habits That Cause Driver Distraction

Use Of Mobile phones, Messing with the radio or other onboard electronics, Drowsiness, Drunkenness, Looking at distractions out of the window
are the five habits that cause accidents while driving on the road.

Personal Injury Compensation Benifits Of Claiming

You have faced personal injury and its not your fault you should enjoy benefits of claiming for your loss of body part or failure of any organ.We at Clearwater Solicitors happy to help you on every step of your claim.

Personal Injury Claim Infographic

An interesting graphical representation is given in this infographic about different categories of accidents and personal injury types under each category

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