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Representation at the police station

If you have been arrested, there are plenty of reasons to get legal representation at the police station as soon as possible. If you are innocent, you could find yourself convicted of an offence you didn’t commit because you didn’t have legal representation at the right time, and if you believe you may have committed a crime, the way you behave in the police station could make all the difference as to if the police take no further action or if you end up in court.

Clearwater Solicitors can make sure you are as well-prepared as possible for your interview in the police station, obtaining disclosure about what the police wish to talk to you about, before having a private discussion with you to advise you how to deal with the interview.

We advise our clients to use their right to silence until they speak to our criminal law solicitors. Some of the most important decisions made in a criminal investigation occur at the police station when officers are interviewing a suspect

If the police try to convince you to forego representation, such as by saying that you will stay in custody for longer than necessary, you should resist this pressure. We are required to attend the police station within 45 minutes of receiving a notification from the police that they are ready for your interview, as outlined in the standards of the Legal Services Commission.

No matter what the circumstances of the police interview are, you have the right to have a solicitor at no cost. This applies to all kinds of offenses, including both minor and serious crimes.

If you’ve been arrested and you need legal representation at the police station, call Clearwater Solicitors on 08000 430 430.