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There was yoghurt on the floor in Aldi, can I claim?

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Our personal injury lawyers can help you claim compensation if you have suffered an injury in an accident at Aldi. If you were not to blame for the accident, you should not face any losses and should be able to recover all your expenses by claiming compensation for a slip at Aldi. Call us on 08000 430 430 to speak with us, or fill in our online enquiry form, and start making your claim today.

Claim compensation after slipping on yoghurt at Aldi

Slips are a common factor in personal injury claims at supermarkets, and Aldi should take reasonable steps to deal with this risk and prevent people from injuring themselves due to the retailer’s negligence. It should implement effective cleaning systems, so that spilt yoghurt is cleaned up quickly before it leads to a personal injury.

You may be able to demonstrate that Aldi has failed in this regard if you can take a photograph of the yoghurt you slipped on. If it is fresh and clean, it could be argued that the spillage happened recently, and that staff at Aldi would not have had the opportunity to have cleaned it up before the slipping accident occurred. However, if it is dirty, this will demonstrate that it had been on the floor for a long time and that the retailer was therefore negligent in its duty of care towards its customers.

Evidence to support your slip injury claim against Aldi

As well as photographs of the spillage that led to your accident, a range of other forms of evidence can support your compensation claim. If you have done the following, you should have maximised your chances of succeeding in your personal injury claim.

–          Inform the retailer about your injury

Inform staff in the Aldi store that you have suffered a personal injury after slipping on yoghurt and ensure they record the incident in their accident book.

–          Record the contact information of any witnesses

Record the names and phone numbers of anyone who witnessed your slip on yoghurt in Aldi, and provide this information to your personal injury solicitors.

–          Receive medical attention for your personal injuries

Visit a doctor so your personal injuries can be recorded. This will help you demonstrate that you were injured slipping on yoghurt in Aldi and support your compensation claim.

Spilt yoghurt causing slips at retailers – case study

A woman, shopping in a major British retailer, slipped on yoghurt on the dairy aisle. The accident caused a pre-existing back injury to worsen. Personal injury solicitors demonstrated that the retailer had failed to clean the yoghurt up within a reasonable timeframe and the victim received more than £3,500 compensation.

Make a slip accident compensation claim

If you have slipped on yoghurt in Aldi and suffered a personal injury, make a claim for compensation with the skilled and experienced team at Clearwater Solicitors! We can help you receive every penny you deserve for your personal injuries and give you the professional representation you need to win your Aldi accident claim.
Get in touch with us by dialling 08000 430 430 or filling in our online enquiry form.

Disclaimer – The information in the case study is not legal advice and should not be construed as such. The case study is for information purposes only, to help illustrate to our potential clients the type of claims Clearwater Solicitors can help them with. Clearwater Solicitors has not represented client(s) in the case study unless stated otherwise.

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