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Can I make a claim for slipping in a supermarket?

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Question: I’ve slipped in a supermarket – can I make a personal injury claim?

Answer : All retailers have a duty of care towards their customers and staff and supermarkets are no different. This means they must take all reasonably practicable steps to ensure that people do not slip or trip in a supermarket.

You could have slipped on spilled food and drink, wet flooring or freshly cleaned floors. Supermarkets, such as Tesco, Asda, Morrisons, Iceland, Aldi and Sainsbury’s, must ensure that their floors are safe for people to walk on at all times and should take all ‘reasonably practicable’ steps to prevent slips on their premises.

This means if food or drink falls to the floor, it must be cleaned up as quickly as possible. Therefore, if an item is dropped on the floor and you slip on it a few moments later, then you might not be eligible to make slip at supermarket compensation claim as the supermarket could not have reasonably cleaned up the mess before the accident occurred. However, if the mess is on the floor for a while before the accident, then it is likely the supermarket will be considered to have behaved in a negligent manner and you will be able to make a compensation claim.

Cleaning can also lead to slips in supermarkets, so customers should be warned when cleaning is occurring and when floors are wet, and aisles should be blocked off if they are not safe for people to walk on.

You should take photographs of the area of the supermarket you slipped in and the mess you slipped on to support your compensation claim. This will help you demonstrate the supermarket’s negligence and support your compensation claim.

You should also report the accident at the supermarket and ensure they record it in the accident book. Then ask for a copy of this accident book report.

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