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I was hit by falling items in a supermarket – can I claim compensation?

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If you have been in a supermarket accident, contact Clearwater Solicitors to make a claim for compensation! We have the skills and experience you need to succeed in your personal injury compensation claim – just call us on 08000 430 430 to speak with us today. You can also fill in our online enquiry form to request a call back.

You have the right to shop in safe conditions and should not suffer any personal injuries as a result of a supermarket’s negligence. Making a claim for compensation will not just ensure you recover any losses you faced – it will also improve standards within the retailer and prevent other people from suffering similar injuries in accidents at supermarkets.

Falling object supermarket accident claims

Supermarkets should properly stack items on shelves to ensure they do not fall on customers and cause an injury. While the majority of falling object claims in supermarkets result in minor personal injuries, in some cases they can cause more serious problems. These include head injuries, brain injuries, eye injuries and vision problems. Deep cuts are not unusual, and some people even suffer whiplash and neck injuries.

If a supermarket’s employees fail to stack shelves safely, and someone is injured by falling objects as a result of these failings, the supermarket will be held liable in a supermarket accident compensation claim. This is known as ‘vicarious liability’ – employers are held as legally responsible for the errors made by their staff.As a result, supermarkets should train staff in how to prevent falling object accidents and conduct risk assessments to ensure objects on shelves do not pose a danger to the public.
You can increase your likelihood of succeeding in a supermarket accident claim with the following tips:

–          Photograph the item that fell on you, the shelf it fell from, and anything else related to the accident

–          Report the accident to the retailer and ensure it is recorded in the accident book

–          Receive a copy of this report

–          Note down the contact information of any witnesses to the accident

–          Visit the doctor and have your injuries recorded in your medical records

–          Speak to Clearwater Solicitors about your claim

Supermarket accident compensation claims

Your supermarket compensation claim will be handled by the retailer’s insurance company, which will likely initially offer you a smaller settlement than you deserve. You should speak to personal injury solicitors about your claim to ensure you receive all the money you deserve and do not face any losses as a result of the supermarket accident.

Clearwater Solicitors have the skilled legal team you need to win in your compensation claim, giving you the professional, clear guidance you need to develop your case and secure every penny you are entitled to. To find out how we could help you, call us today on 08000 430 430 to speak with an expert. Alternatively, fill in our online enquiry form and we will call you back.

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